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Shibberzz says — reply to this. Nude beach real pics. Should she have spoken on this? He Says She Says. I have just found out about these images today and moving forward my lawyer, William O'Conner, will be handing the legalities of anyone the reproduces them. Kate major nude. No wonder that Lindsey is so messed up. He is not the Christian he claims to be. To all of them. It's a shame for all of this to be happening to her, and for the public to view her the way they do, when its really not her fault!

I have no sympathy. It's sad too, because although she may not be the best actress in the world she's still a very talented girl.

He is not a celebrity as is obviously an asshole. Hannah says — reply to this. Badass sexy girls. Should KendrickLamar have chastised that white fan singing the n word onstage with him at a concert? MeghanMarkle may be stifled by the monarchy! Kate and Michael's relationship began inauspiciously: If he IS selling nude pics of her, I have no doubt why his daughter's sitting in that jail. Reply Parent Thread Link. On top of allegedly harassing the woman, Michael Lohan is attempting to sell nude photos of his ex-fiancee Kate Major to the highest bidder.

Doing this to another adult should be criminal. Michael Lohan planned on visiting his daughter in jail but she said no. Log in No account? The turd didn't fall far from the butthole. Why do people give this shit any attention, why the f… is he on tv talking about Lindsay when he was never there for her, you can't just expect her to like you again just like that and your the one giving her all the bad attention get the F off tv and find other ways to talk to her dumb person, you make me so mad, Lindsay does not want you in her life leave her alone, get a real job and leave her alone she does not want you in her life get the picture.

VegasD — You could give him the benefit of the doubt except he did the same thing with Dina and another Ex-Girlfriend I believe. HE'S tired of being used? Michael Lohan is dead to me. VegasD says — reply to this. If they just keep acting like idiots then we didn't miss out on anything. Hardcore nude women. AnthonyHopkins is one of the worst fathers!! Michael Lohan is a Goof and Everybody has known for a long time that he is, even Kate Major could not have heard about him "before".

Kate major nude
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Money and fame is building their worlds. Adult xxx rpg. His even more recent shameless publicity seeking act of releasing a song to Lindsay because she refuses to have any contact with him is also repulsive in my view. Kate major nude. If recording someone without their knowledge is a crime, then photographing someone NAKED without their knowledge should be a felony.

Become a Human Lie Detector. He is legit insane. He doesn't work either. Gia Maria' says — reply to this. Michael Lohan is dead to me. He Says She Says. Young girl face fucked. But much like Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva and the vicious phone calls that were leaked recently—possibly by someone close to Oksana—there's always the possibility that the release of these Kate Major photos was deliberate, and there's an effort underway to make Michael appear more of a monster than he already is.

That later date was after Kate accused him of domestic abuse. I am tired of being used and people who need to make up stories to make money off others. Terrific says — reply to this. Michael Lohan is a cancerous tumor that needs to be removed off the facve of the earth. If we just ignore them, then perhaps they'll stop acting like idiots for attention.

But her "parents" are atrocious and it's easy to see how Lindsay became the Monster Brat she is between Dina and Michael's exploitation of her and never seeing her as just a wonderful gift in their lives. He is the scum of the earth. No wonder Lindsay Lohan refuses to see him. LOL Someone should castrate him, or even better, kill him.

Mine is deeper and more raspy then his!! She didn't even let the sheets cool off before she jumped from Jon's bed to Michael's. Ebony milf teacher. Dogbarker PhD rescinded says — reply to this.

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Hugh Grant Getting Married! Surely she knew of his reputation. Hannah says — reply to this. He is not the Christian he claims to be. I don't believe this shit. Someone who would then try to sell them is less than dirt. Woody Allen doesn't have many defenders these days, but one voice speaking out may carry a lot of weight -- someone who was there the day of the crime for which he's accused.

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