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Also, that was a question, not an accusation. Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts has been arrested by Los Angeles Police Department, who thought she was a prostitute after seeing her kissing her white husband. Lesbian boobs strapon. The second statement you made is awesome!

Commission Rules The cop who cited a "Django Unchained" actress for having sex in public has been called out for leaking audio of the incident, and it's gonna cost him some dough. Daniele watts nude. You are now following this newsletter. She is a black wh. And one illegal left turn in Pasadena back in In cellphone video captured by her boyfriend, Watts could be seen sobbing as she pleaded with police. She refused to show them ID and walked away from them from what I read.

But yes it is evident not from this story but from the many others racism is alive and well. Who do you think put yourself in handcuffs? In the audio, Parker asked Watts for her identification. Nude pic app. Also I'd filed for bankruptcy in and the outstanding balance of my ticket was included in that filling. She says to see the humanity in people??? Daniele was having sex in the front set of her car with the door opened when police correctly intervened.

Because we're all equal, and getting excited that's what our country is based on. Parker says he didn't plan on arresting the couple, who he says were no longer engaged in intercourse, and standing outside the car; she was on the phone. The CNN guys don't say you have to provide it to them, they say they can detain you for a "reasonable period" until they get it through some kind of means.

Blue Lives Matter L. In court you would be in the wrong!! Parker had a very cordial conversation with her BF Brian. Andrew Neiman said Tuesday that a follow-up investigation "revealed witnesses who were willing to provide evidence of a criminal act.

Someone in the office called the cops and reported them for indecent exposure. Be the first to comment Hide Comments. Watts, who is also on the FX show Partnerstold CNN on Monday that the LAPD "accosted me and forced me into handcuffs," and repeated what she had said on the recording, that the cops alleged "I had done something wrong by showing affection, fully clothed, in a public place.

There are really people being hurt because of racism but this was not one of them. Why would she provide her ID? To protect and serve the people in the office up there, who were personally offended I'm making out with my boyfriend down here It's my right starts shouting to sitting on the fucking street corner and make out with my boyfriend.

I actually met a TMZ photographer on the way back from Netroots '14, he was sitting in the seat next to me on the plane from Detroit to L. Yes that right, a organization that typically is very anti police, but they explain the law and give the best piece of advise for everyone…Cooperate with police and if you think your rights were violated, contact them.

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The cop who cited a "Django Unchained" actress for having sex in public has been called out for leaking audio of the incident, and it's gonna cost him some dough.

Where was her humanity for the officer just doing his job? I was talking to my father on my cellphone. Wisconsin girls naked. I wonder if the couple were all black or just all white or better yet hispanic, oreintal would the out come had occured would the cops even had showed up!!

America is continuing to loose credibility, with pictures of people carrying automatic guns in supermarkets. The past 72 hours have been a whirlwind of RoyalWedding coverage, and for good reason. The other officers also had their recording on. It only seems like it. Daniele Watts and her boyfriend, Brian Lucas, believe they were targeted unfairly and suspect police assumed the actress was a prostitute and he, her client.

This is also not legitimate. When she denied his request, he detained her. Daniele watts nude. She's the racist merely for bringing it up. NOW he's on the news. Free mobile milf video. Just Jared on Facebook.

Speak the truth to the world!!! Back to Story Show Parent Thread. At any time, has anybody said anything disrespectful to you? This is what Sgt Parker was looking for and he wasn't giving up until he got it. Tue, 21 October Tue Sep 16, at 4: Ok, so as you may know actress Danielle Watts who starred in the Oscar nominated movie Django Unchained was detained on Sunset Blvd the other day after police were called out on a report of her making out with her boyfriend Brian Lucas in a car parked near the Directors Guild in Studio City.

When police arrive, he stays in the car while she gets out and walks away ignoring orders from police to stay. I know, and I'm still enjoying it. She badgered Danielle and seemed intent on blaming the victim. It would also probably be better for everyone, including the hookers, if women would stop copying their style of dress.

Brian caved, but that's on him. Redtube milf ass. It would have been totally legitimate for the officer to attempt to lecture them on acceptable public behavior, but he could not legally detain them in order to do so.

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I feel that it is imperative that you are conscious of the accounts you follow and whom you take advice from.

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