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ClashOfClans subscribe unsubscribereaders users here now Strategy, how is my base HIMBtactics, bugs, crashes, and general discussion welcome! The pose, while not original, fits with her character, and is tasteful, but also sexy.

Some WBs, then drop wizards to pick off distraction buildings. If u are seeing this supercell then plz give us more building structure,defenses and many more thank you supercell.

Upcoming balance changes and some of the suggestions below could give Clash of Clans another big boost. Hot ass cowgirl. Are you guys 12? I don't think goblins or wallbreakers are useless: I think that LvL 7 Dragon is hardly needed because lvl 6 is just to weak and it De facto dont have any value in highest Town hall. That's like being at a friends place and he offers you a choice of beer and you say anything and he hands you an O'Douls.

Everyone who plays Clash of Clans longer than just one year knows that each year in October, Supercell celebrates Halloween in Clash of Clans with a special event that features a Halloween theme and a seasonal obstacle — this year however, Supercell just seems to follow their recent trend from the Christmas Event and the anniversary celebration to include a lot more in these events with seasonal troops and much more.

I think that the cc capacity is going to be increased with the new update. Clash of clans nude. Clashing with naked girls could be fun although whaha. More goblin wars or, maybe a different campaign mode where we play as the goblins and attack villages. Please read this Supercell! Very powerful at getting after those stacked gold storages. Rewards for donating troops…make xp points count for gems, gold and or elixir.

Any estimate when the spawning will begin? I want a change to where the rank of your clan is what determines your matchup within 1 rank higher or lower. YouTube and external link content must follow our external content rules. Girls with dicks in their ass. Please enter a valid date format mm-dd-yyyy. What would be great is if the developed a tournament, much like the derby in hay day. Guys U should also play this game because it makes u happily and have a great enjoyment…. Okay this is an upgrade that I think supercell can manage and I could have benefited from many wars.

For defense at TH 12, higher walls, higher level Grand Warden. Please respect that by not downvoting. I also think you should send resources. I love it Reply. Not only, as long as 2 sides are equal and the angles in front of the bigger sides is also equal, they are congruent. Or at least a higher percent of their loot.

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Pls pls just make a night to clash of clans and pls pls I beg u guys as the new hero pls make a mighty pekka hero or a sick wizard hero with like a maks of something but pls do that but make a night I well be so happy if u do those request pls pls pls. Milf skinny dipping. How would new lvl Dragon look? Anything means anything people, learn to english, if you want anything except some troops say that, it's not that hard.

I don't know if there's any direct way to appeal the warning other than that.

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All very interesting, the next thing I think supercell should do is to stop people dropping off trophies, not too sure how they would go about this but it should be stopped. You've done a fabulous job showing her body as trained through years of work, but have not made her so muscular as to be unbelievable.

Interclan war should be done ,so that the clan mates can make their own team within the clan and war. You can generate as much gems or other stuff as you wish! What a next troops Reply. Guyz plz look about the clan perks too after lvl 10 of the clan their are no benefits of to clan level And even the housing space of the camps Is less at high lvl. Game of thrones and their Dragons are very popular now and its still getting moreSo update probably would be also.

Guess we wont be protecting our dark elixir since gems storage is coming Reply. Finally a 3rd dark troops Bulls who can destroy walls and anything which comes his way…. Clash of clans nude. Leave this field empty. Sexy naked british women. The linework is fabulous, dead one and accurate. I need gems miner n Defence successful loot. I joined a while back bc, like you, I was burned out on war.

Do think that if you have full elix or gold pots to say 5 Million then you can swop or buy 10 to 50 gems from your sources. Lvl6 giants make god damn good meat shields during raids. He loved them so much that now that is what he requests.

Walls must be less expensive. The ISS programme is a joint project among five participating space agencies: Thank you so much for this! This meme is pretty legit, though other times I will just toss whatever when I need to empty my camps of war or looting troops.

Hot Japanese housewife banged variously. Then what is the use of elixier. Naked daniel tosh. All posts with results of an event must be marked with a [spoiler] tag.

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I was thinking of barbs and archers. The highlights all look real and believeable, while retaining that "Anime-feel". Clash of clans nude. Elderly lesbian sex. This one Clash of Clans script generates!!!! I would LOVE being able to use elixir to upgrade to lvl8 walls. Hot african milf Pumpkin Barbarian The Pumpkin Barbarian is basically nothing else than a Barbarian with an extra shield. We sometimes make funny troop requests like asking for wall breakers to protect the base. The musculature is developed, yet retains feminine softness. People play the game and view it differently than you do.

If both the clans are mutually okay they can have a war. All real clashers want is that we should be able to use heroes during clan war even if they are upgrading. I just donate what I have.

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