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He looked up to see Hermione's beautiful brown hair askew, her face shaking, and then she screamed again and drove Luna's blonde head against her pussy with her hands. Trade nudes with girls. Her pussy was well used but shaven, and the boys lowered their heads to try and see, wanking their small cocks with all their might.

She gripped his penis by the base. Luna smiled mischievously and headed down to the family vault. Luna lovegood naked. This was why he was hoping to find some super secret Potter Crossbow of Doom, maybe a poison-tipped dart shooting belt buckle that responded to mental commands, recipes for the family explosives, or even just a wand with a pen and clock built in. Luna was a beautiful girl, even in his post-orgasmic bliss, the corners of her mouth still wet with Hermione's essence.

Harry was tongue-tied at the sudden glorious sight. The room only appeared to those who had great need of it, Harry knew from experience. Even her resplendent beautiful nude form could not stir Harry, he was so exhausted. This naughty behaviour made Luna very happy.

James Potter looked haggard and freaked out. He looked at Luna's tempting ass shaking this way and that as she licked lustfully at Hermione's pussy; he looked up Hermione's gloriously glistening female form to her enraptured face, and then down at Ginny's upraised eyes and head sliding back and forth along his length.

Lovegood went back to his crossword puzzle. English milf porn tube. Her small hand swept over Luna's clit as it ascended. Just In All Stories: Luna was dripping wet now, turned on by embarrassment and nipple play. Luna's breasts were high, tipped in pink, larger than Ginny's but smaller than Hermione's. His penis found itself ensconced in Ginny's desiring mouth, framed by locks of her flaming red hair.

Harry felt Ginny give him a squeeze and looked back down to her eyes. But Ginny did, as she walked forward to him, nude, and kissed him. Luna arched her hips and opened her legs wide, allowing Ginny's questing fingers to access her sensitive area.

It was one of the best showers Harry had ever had. Luna squealed like a puppy, her eyes rolling in the back of her head from pleasure. The time for stillness was over. As if she had heard Harry's thoughts out loud, Mrs. He didn't know what else to do or say. Keeley hawes tits. Every so often Hermione would delicately tuck back a stray lock of blonde hair as she continued to finger Luna, who returned the favour to her new lover.

She produced her wand that she had brought with her and pointed it at Harry's softening dick. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

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Moreover, the link she shared with her master was almost telepathic, and many a Hogwarts student had run afoul of the cat to know that Filch was not far behind.

Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Lesbian model sex. Her small hand swept over Luna's clit as it ascended. Luna arched her hips and opened her legs wide, allowing Ginny's questing fingers to access her sensitive area. She had only suspected and sensed, but nothing concrete or visible. Luna lovegood naked. It certainly explained why everyone was so insistent that his parents loved each other so much too.

Despite him opening his trunk with a low creak, none of the boys so much as stirred. He saw piles of books, a few wardrobes of old clothing, a couple of fancy looking swords and daggers, but nothing as nice as the Sword of Gryffindor, which he'd already appropriated at the start of the school year. He switched his gaze from one woman to the other, watching the gentle rise and fall of their chests as they breathed, the enticing curves of their soft, warm breasts squashed against his chest, of their sleeping expressions.

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But he had never actually Luna's didn't have time to prepare before she felt the small cock pressing at her shit tunnel. About a month later, sneaking away on a Hogsmeade weekend….

No one will come to your rescue. He retreated backwards and took a longer way around to avoid the patrolling duo. Cum at tits. I do not own the Harry Potter fandom nor do I intend to make any money on this story. What a lovely surprise Luna thought, as she took the facial well.

To actually craft a memory from scratch requires an imagination beyond most people's ability, but I suppose I could help you refine your memory.

The boys were silent as they groped their boners through their robes. The slim redhead walked into the room. Luna could feel her eyes all over her exposed body and began to get wet again.

The lone door on the right swung open, and out stepped a pale girl with blonde hair descending in a rain of curls down her back. Once one of those lands a Potter man, then the gingers will rise up and rule the world again! You brought us here. The lubricant of her saliva on Harry's dick made the feeling even better as her hand easily traversed his length.

He could feel his arousal growing inside his pants as Ginny stepped forward towards him. Black tits massage. But it was something else that drew Harry's thoughts tonight, something different. Luna smiled mischievously and headed down to the family vault.

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