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Girl with fucked up teeth

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I'd rather date a girl with bad teeth than a girl with a bad personality Yours aren't very crooked, but they might become more so over time.

This should be a pic thread. Holly fisher nude. I feel like their must be some view in the US that if your teeth arent super white and perfectly straight then you're not hot.

Bad teeth could kill my desire unless she was super hot. Girl with fucked up teeth. Hive Banned Feb 23, DMeisterJ Banned Feb 23, Not all of us can be Tom Cruise of teeth. Do not make posts asking about a specific person's or group of people's actions, behavior, or thinking.

Anyone is allowed to ask and answer questions. The not smiling part is worse then a crooked teeth.

Girl with fucked up teeth

If they're bad enough to be distracting, then I'm going to start to pump the breaks a little. Kinda late, but for me, so much. We have the technology. Eh, I wouldn't mind a bit of yellowing She also told me "have a good day" all cheerful. Read the Frequently Asked Questions and do a search before asking a question. Bikini sex naked. The matter of teeth is complicated by the fact that many people with bad looking teeth do in fact have unhealthy teeth but many are also healthy, just unnattractive.

If their teeth are crooked I would, it's not a deal breaker and that can always be fixed. Separate names with a comma. I've had a few compliments on them, but other times I think people can tell they've been worked on, which I hate. My teeth are one of my biggest insecurities and I never smile and they have affected my speech because I try not to open my mouth too much.

SapientWolf Trucker Sexologist Feb 23, If they are all rotten, then no way in hell. Excuse my poor smile, I don't smile so I don't think my mouth understands how they work I once had braces on my front four to a bad gap but my teeth went to hell when they came off.

It's the monobrow that gets to me. I remember meeting up with a beautiful girl at a club and managed to pull her aside from her group of friends. Also my other teeth are slightly crooked.

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As long as she's wearing braces because of the bad teeth.

Would you date a person with an aquiline nose? Not all of us can be Tom Cruise of teeth. Lesbian nella and lisa. You've got nothing to worry about. To answer your question more directly, I certainly notice but unless they're really fucked up I don't care.

It wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. Teeth can be easily fixed. Girl with fucked up teeth. I went to the trouble of having braces myself for like 4 consequent years, it wasn't fun at all but I'm happy I did it. Really inexcusable to do that to your kids. Share Share this post on Digg Del. I don't think you guys realize how having bad teeth can affect them and especially if they can't afford to get them fixed.

Would you date someone with bad teeth? Simply put, when she first came out I found her incredibly sexy, and it was pretty much all due to her smile, because frankly that's all that really seperated her from every other marginally talented blonde singer who was being crammed down our throats. Sexy tube girl. I have seriously fucked up teeth myself in terms of shape so I don't mind that all. He got a new job with insurance and to fix all of his problems. I understand why so many of my peers and their parents were so insecure about it and saved up for more cosmetically elegant dentistry.

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I don't really care if someone doesn't have perfect teeth or even straight teeth. Bad breath for starters. Self Requested Ban Member. Although I don't smile with my teeth in pictures, so that's an insecurity that sucks to have but things could be worse. Quote to reveal it. I briefly dated a girl with a snaggletooth, that shit was distracting.

Would you ever date a hot girl, with bad teeth? If a woman has a beautiful face and then smiles and shows some bad teeth, I will fairly quickly think she's not very attractive. I love crooked teeth. Robin ryder milf. Your name or email address: Yeah bad teeth are a turn-off.

Are we talking crooked and a bit yellow, or a case of meth-mouth? Over looking teeth isn't that bad.

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